India Reinartz

Founder, Owner & Operator

Wild and Free

I had the fire, the passion, the curiosity to explore, see the world and revolt the expected.

With a surfboard under one arm and a handful of adventure in the other, I course on my long journey of self exploration, self teaching and risk taking to create the life I dreamt of.

People tell me everyday "you have it figured out", " you live the dream". My response from a point of view that I've been there, I felt the fire burn inside to change, explore, learn what I can do.  The best thing to do is start...  You dictate the direction of your life, you control the decisions of everyday actions, you have a heart that leads the way you just need to listen. If it feels right move forward, face fears and trust. The unknown is scary but rewarding. How ever it turns out it will be great.

Papaya Wellness was born. My business partner Carly Chivers and myself had the same dream. To build a company with values and goals to support our travel and spread the gosspil about they importance of a healthy balance lifestyle. To encourage people that this world we breathe, eat and sleep on is filled with opportunities, adventures, knowledge.

The possibilities are limitless!