Happy Birthday To Our Seagal Sister


This week’s blog has a bit of a different ring to it. It is a more personal one as we wanted to take a second and honour one of our sister Seagals on her birthday.

Carly, filled with integrity, compassion and drive, she is as powerful as they come. It isn’t a aggressive, outward power but one that comes from deep within and is steady and reassuring.

"she lives wild and free, she baths in the sea and inspires people to trust and believe. She speaks truth and honesty and above all loves life madly and compassionately. I inspire to be like my sister SeaGal Carly Chivers. One Love to my girl" ­India Reinartz

Extremely self ­sufficient, knows what she wants out of life and and will not settle for anything less. Spending time with her is incredibly motivating. Without saying a word, she makes you want to be the best version of yourself. To take on that extra challenge that you deemed impossible, to rise above any altercation and handle it with grace and communication and to incorporate play and love into everyday. That deep love of life is beautifully intoxicating and is imprinted on those around her in a truly pure sense.

A true goddess inside and out, her light shines brightly for all to see and she will continue to walk in the light, inspiring those around her with a playful smile, incredible outlook and surf board tucked under her arm.

Happy Birthday dear amiga. Thank you for being you. May this day be filled with lots of surf, good company and delicious food. We love you.