Four Sea Gal Travel Tips:

A huge part of the lifestyle that we LOVE is travel. Travel presents us with the opportunity to experience different cultures, see and appreciate our natural environment in new ways and for us surfers, surf new WAVES! The experience as a whole is expansive and enlightening. The less glamorous reality of travel is the time we spend getting from A to B. Aside from being pretty environmentally un-mermaid like, standard methods of travel can be pretty grueling on the body.  Ideally slow travel can be your method of choice: walking, biking, horseback or hitch hiking, but sometimes that is not a reality and you just need to get there!!!!! Long bus rides across Central America are no stranger to us or even longer plane rides across the sea on our way to far off surf adventures. From our time in transit we have picked up some easy tips to make your next trip a healthy one:

1)    Stay Hydrated: Probably my number one health tip when it comes to pretty much EVERYTHING! But seriously, travel and especially plane travel are extremely dehydrating. Keeping the body hydrated by drinking tons of water is key to feeling healthy when your feet hit the ground on the other side! This is a two part tip because the other key is bringing your own refillable bottle. This is a MUST. There are places to refill bottles all over the world these days and drinking plastic bottles is extremely irresponsible. Try to keep that to a minimum and cart your own steel or glass water bottle along with you! EASY!

2)    Pack Your Own Snacks: Take some time to plan ahead and bring your own snacks. Eating in transit is rough and the option for fresh or homemade foods are pretty much zero. You will be so stoked to have your own treats in tow and will feel so much better when you arrive at your final destination. Our favorite to go travel snacks are easy snack-able treats you can munch on the go: dehydrated fruits, trail mix and dark chocolate come highly recommended!

3)    Bring a Scarf: Okay, this one is not as obvious as drinking water or trying to make better food choices but ohhh it is so key in staying comfy on the road! A big, soft, luscious scarf or blanket (depending on your climate) is going to be your best friend. When waiting in lines or cruising through airports you get some style points effortlessly and when trying to gain a couple of hours of zzz’s on an unnaturally cold bus or plane it will be your life savour. Find one big enough that it can totally wrap you up! I never travel without one!

4)    Stretch: Ideally if you have time the morning before travel you get a good vigorous stretch in. I like to get my blood flowing if I have time before taking off, get a good sweat, while still stretching my muscles and prepping them for hours of stagnancy. If you don’t have time to move before you travel, fitting it into the day will make a huge difference in how you feel. If you have a layover, find a quiet corner in the airport where you can do a few spinal stretches. My most recommended stretches that are pretty easy to fit in on the go are: Uttanasana (forward fold), Chandrasana (standing crescent moon pose to either side), neck rolls, shoulder rolls and 10 rounds of 5 count breaths (5 count inhale and exhale breath). Playing with engaging the muscles in your feet and legs when standing, squeezing your core and then relaxing all while breathing deeply are also fun ways to get subtly engagement in the body to get the blood pumping and stay connected. Once you get to your location doing a Waterfall pose (legs up the wall) hold for about 5 minutes is a great day to reduce inflammation in the feet and legs. 

Just a few small and simple tweaks to your regular travel hustle. Staying aware, planning ahead and making conscious decisions will make a world of a difference in how you feel. Try to relax, enjoy the space between-the transition time and breathe deeply. You will be there in no time!

Try these tips as you prepare to come on your next retreat with us!