Edible Self-Care with India...yum!

Breakfast on my face.....


I live in a beautiful, lush, sunny and hot climate and for these very reasons I need to be extra mindful and aware of my skin. I've made time once a week, where I take the morning to pamper myself. Enjoy a slow start, sip my coffee, listen to easy music and make homemade face masks and body scrubs. 

Here is one of my favourites: The What's In my Kitchen Face Mask Recipe...
For this version you will need, one banana, honey, plain yogurt and a cucumber. I like to try and use all local produce, keeps my carbon footprint low and supports local farmers. For the second part you will need a big bowl and ice water.

  • Mash up, one banana, one table spoon honey and half cup plain yogurt. Now, spread it all over your face.

  • Relax with face mask on and sliced cucumber on your eye lids for 20mins.

  • Wash it off after 20mins.

  • Dunk your face in ice cold water (hold it for as long as you can, you can also repeat dunking your face a couple of times).

  • To finish off, apply your favourite moisturizer.

Your skin will feel energized, rejuvenated and you will feel ready to take on the day! Don't forget to slab on that sunscreen before you leave the house... Give it a go and let me know your thoughts?! 

Happy Self Love Day!