Surf Strengthening Tips from India Reinartz

Surf Strengthening Tips:

Check out these 3 simple moves to warm your body in preparation for charging big waves! 

1) Seated Chest Opener:  This pose will prepare your knees for deep bottom turns plus open the chest for hours of paddling. 

Proper Form... sit back, knees stacked over ankles like you’re sitting on a chair. Interlace your fingers behind the back and extend your arms towards the ground. 


2) Seated Twist: A great warm up for the knees and spinal cord while activating the obliques. 

Proper Form…. sit back into chair pose, bring your right hand towards your heart, extend your left hand straight up towards the sky. You will be left in a twisted position. Be mindful of keeping your hips squared towards the ground for the best results.

3) Wide Legged Forward Fold: A great move to release pressure in the low back, stretch out your hamstrings and open your shoulders. 

Proper Form…. Take your legs wider then hip distances apart slightly pigeon toed inwards, hinge at the hip with your arms interlaced behind your back and fold forward towards the ground.