Making Change and Moving Through Transition with Grace:

Making Change and Moving Through Transition with Grace: 

We know that personal change has to come from a decision made by the individual. One can receive advice and input over and over again but until we truly understand and personally feel the necessity of changing our behaviour we will never actually chose to do something different. 

Making a change requires action. A willingness to move forward that comes from the visceral understanding that your current habit or choice is not serving your highest self and in order to grow a commitment to new choices must be made. Only when you have a personal experience in understanding your misperception will the change be made.

In my past this has often been a “breaking point”. Things get bad and so unmanageable that I am forced to look at them and chose something differently out of pure survival.

Recently I have been practicing looking at my habits and beliefs through a lens of self love and compassionate discernment. I am now celebrating making a few changes in my habits, sparked from the desire of serving my highest self and well being first. The changes were made without hitting a wall in order to shift!  As I move through the process of change here are some practices I have found helpful for me along the way:

*Listen to Your Intuitive Voice. We all have one and the strength of her call depends on the quality of your listening. The more we practice listening to our inner yearnings, the louder and more clear the frequency of those yearnings become. I believe this is the voice of our hearts path, our spirit, our highest good. I personally have spent a lot of time ignoring this voice (hence the reaching “breaking points” before creating change). My inner voice was calling, crying out for me to make change long before I reached my breaking point and finally acted. Now I practice listening more to those subtle cues.

~ What keeps coming into your consciousness in moments of stillness or quiet?

~ What do you dream of that scares you most?

~ What are you hungry for? What makes you feel most alive?

~ Pay attention to synchronicities or coincidence as they come up, they are a sign that you are leading with your intuition. Call a friend and they say they were just thinking of you? Cross the street and meet someone you know? Receive a “random but powerful” message from a stranger that you happened to converse with on the street? Those are all signs that you are leading with your intuition, with your heart, your souls purpose (call it what you want J). 

The more we practice living in this way the more we begin to move in this frequency with ease. Another way of describing this is moving “in the flow” moving with the natural laws of nature and the flow of life. That brings me to tip number two!

*Stay Opened and Go with the Flow: This doesn’t mean that you can give up and not take any action. This just means that you have trust in the path that unfolds in front of you. A powerful tool in moving through transitions is being “Comfortable With Uncertainty” (thank you Pema Chodron). Only when I have arrived to my new destination and the change has been fully processed can I look back and understand that every step in the journey played a part in getting me there. Even when you feel like you are not moving closer to your goal, you are. All parts of the journey are divine and necessary and offering you the skills and lessons that you will need moving forward. This requires a deep trust in the universe and its capacity to support you. I notice that when I am staying opened and moving “in the flow” that aligned opportunities present themselves and life moves with a certain degree of ease and grace. When nothing is flowing and you feel stuck, a trusting that this too is a part of the process can help.  

*Be Grateful First: When transitioning and feeling hungry for a change it is easy to be judgemental and harsh about where you are currently and what isn’t working for you. A more loving perspective is to be Grateful First! Acknowledge all of your blessings, (the simple breath you have in this current moment), all of the love, support and opportunity around you, the gift of your life, the luxury you have to make choices. You can take the sphere of gratitude as big or as small as you need to but this immediately changes your perspective on "the way things are." It is perfectly fine to change, grow and expand your capacity but having a humble gratitude for every small blessing in your life is a powerful place to launch from.