Papaya Wellness and Surf Pro Techniques - first retreat April 1-7th, 2017

We are excited to announce more Surf Coaching Retreats with Surf Pro Techniques coach Chapin Kreuter. We will be back at the Surf Lodge here in always offshore southern Nicaragua. Expect a season of more unlimited boat trips, wave hunting, crowd dodging, beer drinking, barrel chasing, goal reaching, good times!

We are offering surf coaching, accessible waves and opportunity for all levels on this retreat. From the sandy beach break barrels Nicaragua is known for to long peeling longboard point breaks to practice your cross stepping style or simply perfecting your popping up! 

Check out Chapin's perfect pop up video below! He is our favourite when it comes to comprehensive video analysis.. the best way to learn! "Progression through Technique." 

Our first dates are running April 1-7th, 2017 and we have limited spaces available!