Exploring Meditation: The Float Spa!

There are endless methods you can use to approach meditation. From mantra to breathing technique, visualization to guided listening, the options are many and exploration is healthy. Often, the more simple the better; Just sit there, be still, breathe and observe what comes up.  

However you go about doing it, taking time to turn down the buzz of the external world and tune into your internal pulses (to your breath, the breath of the universe) is invaluable. That time can improve your quality of life and overall sense of contentment. To read more benefits of meditation check out this link (I am not going to dive super deep into the benefits on this blog- although there are MANY): http://www.forbes.com/sites/alicegwalton/2015/02/09/7-ways-meditation-can-actually-change-the-brain/#1787d3527023

Although the tried, tested and always accessible seated meditation is powerful, expanding your meditation through new techniques can deepen your existing practice or ignite a spark in establishing a new personal practice. 

With this exploratory mindset on my last visit home to Winnipeg,  me and my mom took a visit to the Jelly Fish Float Spa

From the moment we stepped into the door we felt a sense of ease and serenity. The whole experience was out of this world. Literally, it felt otherworldly. 

Each float is facilitated from your own private spa room. The room is outfitted with a comfortable robe, slippers, natural body care products, towels, a shower and of course the float tank.

The float tank itself was much larger and with a higher ceiling than I anticipated (a welcome surprise). 

Once I prepped for the float, I stepped into the tank and closed the hatch roof behind me. I lay down in the water and relaxed my hands open on either side of my body. The water was warm (body temperature) and is infused with around 1000 lbs of magnesium epsom salts! 

I turned off the lights and relaxed my whole body. I relaxed my neck as instructed, and then even more.. and then even more. The level of effortlessness, of complete relaxation in my body was like nothing I have ever experienced. With the support of the epsom salts you can float at the most comfortable level, from that support I was able to let go completely.  

The next sixty minutes consisted of deep expansive breath, playing with how much I could relax, soften, expand and release. Moments of bliss arose and just as quickly moments of wondering when the time would be up, and what I was going to eat after the float :). Sounds like  a proper meditation practice doesn't it? 

The peace, clarity and calm I experienced after my float was powerful. That coupled with the unreal sense of physical release and relaxation made the whole experience truly incredible. 

If you are looking for new ways to explore yourself, would like to cultivate more peace in your life, or are bored on a Saturday :) try meditation in any form. Let us know what you discover in the comments below! ENJOY THE PROCESS and NAMASTE!