Three Exercises to Improve Your Wave Count...

Check out our Surf Diva India Reinartz's training tips to increase your wave count, endurance, pop up efficiency and overall motor movement in the surf! Yew! Happy training folks....

1.) The Burpee.... Yes that's right, you heard me... BURPEES. They are extremely effective in achieving a faster and more efficient pop up. Burpees will build up your arm muscles and speed. This will transfer to catching more waves and having a better overall session!!    

2.) Jungle Walking: This is a plank to pushup movement. Start in a standard pushup then drop to your elbow, one arm at a time. Push back up to your hands, one hand at a time. Switch which hand you lead with and repeat. This will strength your entire body with a focus on the core muscles. This exercise will result in more stability, which will come in handy when trying bigger maneuvers. 

3.) Lunge Jumps: Start with a lunge,  jump and switch lead leg, landing back in a lunge on the opposite side. Lower back knee close to the ground. Repeat for 30 seconds. This will increase your cardio and strengthen your hips and legs, building your muscles to complete more powerful turns. This exercise when down properly will also strengthen your knee joints, helpful for those deep knee bends when barrel riding.  

Here is your workout in sequence: 

15 burpees, 1 min jungle walking, 30sec lunge jumps  

Time yourself. Repeat 3 x per week and try to beat your time each session!