Get in Surf Shape Before Your Trip!

Practice makes perfect! If you can't get out and surf everyday try and implementing a surf specific workout plan that can help you stay in surf shape in the offseason or when stuck far from the sea! 

Here are a couple of great exercises I incorporate into my daily practice to enhance my surfing: 

Repeat x 3 sets

  • 20 burpies ( increase fast burst exertion )
  • 1 minute plank ( strengthen core and improve flexibility )
  • 20 reps seated row (tone upper back and shoulders for efficient paddling and stamina)
  • 30 seconds superhero (core control and to prevent lower back injury)




Try these exercises 3 times a week and let me know how it goes! Stay tuned as we post more exercise for pre-surf trip strengthening as well as post surf muscle release! 

Happy Training! 

India Reinartz