3 Reasons to Visit a Yoga Surf Camp in Nicaragua


There are a lot of reasons to treat yourself to a Yoga Surf Retreat.. here are our favs...

1) Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!!!

Out of your comfort zone is where all the magic happens. Growth, challenge and possibility exist when you don't know the answer or what comes next! Travelling to new locales is a great way to shake things up. By travelling to a new destination or trying a new activity (like surfing!!!!!!!) you are expanding your perceived limitations. If you have always done what you always do, you will only know what you already know. Learn, grow, and expand by trying something new and unknown! Better yet, if that unknown thing scares you! What is possible when you go for it anyways!? (Hint: ANYTHING)!!!! 

2) Set Healthy Habits!!!

Want a health reset? A creative way to infuse your diet with fresh inspiration? Ready to set new habits and exercise routines? On retreat we wake up and move our bodies daily first thing in the AM and the day flows from there. We move all day, outside breathing fresh air while nourishing our bodies with fresh, local and organic food, drinking a ton of water and getting a lot of sleep. And don't forget the cat naps, restorative yoga, sunshine and massages!!! Taking a week to retreat and being supported to establish healthy mind and body habits is a great way to kick start a new health routine you can bring home with you! Want inspiration for cooking and recipes you can do at home?! Take a cooking class with our amazing cook Rahni! 

3) Have Fun!!! PLAY!!!

Play, laugh, be silly and move your body with freedom! Whether in the ocean, on the dance floor or our yoga mats, our retreats are all about play- celebration of life, movement and embracing the beauty of our bodies and spirits! Life is an act of joy. When we dive in and play, we step in to possibility, to openness, connection with others and gratitude. Enjoy nature, connect with new people and unplug from your regular life, work and routines. Go offline and be present. Embrace the moment as it unfolds. On retreats we do all the planning and organizing for you, so you don't have to think! You just have to Let Go and enjoy!!! .Mmmmmm... : )