Green Goodness…Moringa Pesto…

Green Goodness…Moringa Pesto… Madrono Farm…Nicaraguan Campo Life

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My good fortune is the ingredients are only steps away. Picking basil and arugula
from my herb garden and young moringa leaves from one of the numerous trees
planted on the property. Tossing all into the food processor with a handful of
peanuts and cashews grown on our farm, Las Salinas sea salt harvested some
kilometres up the coast and let the machine do it’s magic. To heat it up, I throw in a
minced scotch bonnet pepper from the garden. Move and smooth all the ingredients,
by adding a little oil, choice is yours. Staying close to home, I drizzle in coconut oil
my friend and neighbour is making. Then there are all the possible add-ins,
nutritional yeast, parmesan, roasted garlic…

That’s it. Mixed into grains of choice, lightly spread on bread, a base for pizza, added
to a dressing for raw or cooked vegetables; let your imagination take you there and
your body will thank you.

Moringa, great source of vitamins, minerals, protein; but don’t take my word, do
your research. When moringa isn’t growing in your backyard, look to the dried
powder version.