Two wheels, open road, no timeline. Just freedom and my thoughts.  

Two wheels, open road, no timeline. Just freedom and my thoughts.  



If you know me at all you will understand the fire burns deep in my soul. The desire to discover new places, the empowerment of pioneering and the challenge of facing my fears all push me to gain confidence in all aspects of my life. That fire was a force as a young pre-teen that no one could stop. I would like to thank my parents for instilling me with a sense of travel and encouraging me to be open-minded. They always pushed me to learn about who I am and to get after what I want. 


To learn what you want out of life I believe you need to expose yourself to getting out there and exploring the limitless opportunities that life offers. 



A little backstory about myself to get you up to speed... I’ve been living over the past 10 years in Nicaragua running Surf and Yoga Retreats with one of my best gals, Carly Chivers. We had a vision, we had the drive, we took the leap and started our dream jobs.  Which today has flourished into a career of passion, success and pure joy. We now run retreats throughout the year in Nicaragua and are expanding our horizons into Mexico for 2019. 


While Carly, another badass biker babe is taking care of business and holding down the fort running retreats in Nicaragua,  I’m taking my love for fitness, women empowerment and riding motorbikes on a much-needed adventure. I start my journey in San Francisco, California, riding my motorbike along the coast,  back into Canada. 


During my adventure on two wheels, I will be documenting daily roadside fitness routines! I want to encourage others to join me on my #fullthrottlefitness challenge by following my story and trying my daily workouts! 



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