To join us for a Papaya Wellness Retreats in Mexico, it is best to fly into the Puerto Vallarta Airport. The taxi ride to all of our coastal retreat locations is about 1 hour. We will always one of our trusted drivers waiting for you at the airport, holding a sign with your name on it. Your driver can stop for whatever you need on the way to your retreat! For travel retreats we will detail your arrival and departure information.

Book your flight, and then relax and leave the rest of the planning to us!



Your meals will vary depending on the location of the retreat, and your dietary habits/restrictions.

You will definitely feel nourished, and well fed.

Papaya Wellness caters meals to your personal preference, but you can always expect fresh, healthy, cuisine and meals infused with local flavours, in season fruits and vegetables, lots of fresh fish, chicken and plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. We can easily accommodate vegans, raw foodies, vegetarians and gluten free dietary requests.

In between meals, we serve homemade raw chocolate bliss balls, energy bars, fruit plates, fresh juices and smoothies (with no sugar added). We also like to have fun, and mix it up, offering sunsets on beautiful beach side patios to enjoy delicious cocktails, reminding you that you are in beachside paradise (think pineapple and umbrella garnish).



We have various locations we host retreats from in southern Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Bali, Morrocco, Tofino (Canada) and Mexico. After years of scouring global coastlines for our favorite surf spots, and little pieces of ‘magic’ we have selected our gem locations, the spots that we LOVE to bring you to. Think world class views, sweet and soulful accommodations, fun un-crowded surf breaks for all levels, delicious food, and good vibes.

Keep in mind that most of our retreat locations are quiet rural and along the coast in tiny fishing villages.

If you have other destinations you would like to see, please ask as! Any of your special requests or desired destinations, can be organized by us! Let us know and we will custom cater your dream retreat experience!



  • Bathing suits (snug fitting, for playing in the waves)

  • Board Shorts

  • A rash guard (or snug fitting tshirt for surfing)

  • Comfortable, lightweight Yoga Clothes

  • Toiletries

  • Books and your music player (for hammock lounging)

  • A camera

  • Laptop computer (if you want to stay connected, all of our locations have wifi)

  • A water bottle

  • A day pack (backpack)/bag for the beach etc.

  • Sunscreen (block up, the sun is powerful!!!)

  • Bug Spray

  • Light weight breezy clothing (it is HOT)

  • A jacket for rain and cooler weather (not always necessary, but nice to have when needed).

  • Pants (for bug protection- not always necessary, but again nice to have when needed).

  • Shoes for walking/hiking

  • Earplugs (if you are a sensitive sleeper the sounds of the jungle and ocean may keep you up )

  • Extra Cash (USD) – for any extras, tipping, massage, yoga, and cocktails!

  • ATM Card/Credit Card- our retreat locations are all quiet isolated with no access to ATM machines, but you may want to bring your card, and take out money at the airport, or the last town before you arrive on the coast- Rivas

No need for a yoga mat, we are totally set up with blankets, blocks, straps and mats!



The Papaya Wellness crew is always seeking positive, healthy ways to connect with the local communities in the areas we explore. We are currently supporting the work of local non profits in Nicaragua and Mexico.

During your stay with Papaya Wellness, we offer you the opportunity to get involved with the community in whatever capacity you would like. We can plan activities such as cooking classes with a local family, volunteering on current community projects, surf lessons with kids, and beach clean ups! Along with any other activity that is going on in the community during your stay!




Such a wonderful piece of paradise! Often our retreat locations are still hosted from more rural and isolated areas. Sometimes this means we lose power - there might be no electricity for a few hours. Most of our locations are in the jungle, so you can expect some friendly (safe) insect friends popping in for a visit from time to time. Keep in mind you won’t have access to things like your favorite shampoo or health food store treats, so bring them along!



You will want to bring cash for things like massages, cocktails, tips, souvenirs, USD are widely accepted.



All the staff works very hard to make your stay enjoyable, and would be thrilled to have a little extra. We recommend taking 10% of your trip cost and contributing to the people who make it all happen.



 We bring you to the most beginner friendly spots possible for your surf lessons. During our lessons  you will have a lot of one on one instructor time to get comfortable and safe on your board, so that you can have the most success and fun in the waves!

We have several surfboards for rent at beginner level (soft top long-boards) to more advance, high performance short boards

Boards rent at a cost of $15/day (on your Yoga Surf Retreat board rental fees are already included).

  • Ding damage fees apply

  • If a board is broken, the guest will be charged the value of the board. If inexperienced, please be cautious when surfing because of the “break it you buy it” rule.



A masseuse on hand offers massages from any of our retreat locations and is trained in sports therapy & deep tissue massage.

One hour massages are included in all retreats.

Additional massages are available upon request!


Yoga Alliance Certified Teachers India Reinartz and Carly Chivers are pleased to guide you through daily yoga practice, and meditation. India and Carly will meet you where you are in your yoga practice,  and as much as possible will cater the practice to highlight asana you would like to work on, or focusing on aspects you would like to deepen in your personal practice.

Both teachers guide in a Hatha-Vinyasa inspired style, always drawing inspiration from the local environment, weather and time of day, to create the most harmony and balance in the body-mind-spirit.