To Yoke..


The cyclical nature of our existence is unavoidable. The waxing and waning of the moon and its pull on the tides, its pull on the waters in our own bodies (especially as women we are rhythmically connected to this moon cycle). 

On the other side of this cyclical nature is another certain bet, change. Everything changes. Our only constant is depending on the certainty of change. Seasons change and with it weather and ocean patterns across the globe. Plants seed, sprout, flower and decompose, returning to the earth to feed new life. 

When we begin to take our cues from nature and the laws of nature, the nature of our own existence becomes more evident to us. We are of nature. The laws and cycles of nature are what govern life on this planet, of which we are not separate. 

Now I am going to throw you a curve ball.

Would you believe that the practice of yoga can help to make this connection to nature and from there, our own true nature, more clear to us?

The actual word yoga means to yoke or create union, connection. The practice of yoga begins with connection to self. Your mind connects to your body as you commit your focus on your practice. Your breath and your movement unify and your breath is a direct pathway into the seat of your soul and present moment awareness. 

The next step is broadening our understanding of this connection. As we begin to deepen our connection to self we begin to see how clearly, how undeniably, we are connected to the whole web of life. We can even begin to experience on a direct level through meditation and breath work that we are truly are one pulse, one breath. 

How are our actions affected by this understanding? Now that is up to you. 

Are there ways that you can expand your awareness and circle of compassion to include more beings?

How can you move in more harmony with the cycles of nature? Observe and honour the cycles and their affects on your own body. 

How do you approach the inevitability of change? Can we apply our yoga practice and understanding to huge life pillars like loss, grief and unexpected change?

When we practice with regularity we become more attuned. We begin to walk off of our mats with the same level of attention and awareness that we hold in our yoga practice. In this way we see our yoga practice extends well beyond the yoga mat and into every moment, every smile shared and every breath we take. 

We are offering retreats this winter in Mexico. We will be diving deep into our yoga practice and taking lots of soul nourishing time for joy, connection and appreciation of the beautiful world we play in.  Send us an email at to save your space today!